CHOREGRAPHIES   DEBUTANTS  2016/201



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             Lindi  Shuffle   Lindi shuffle 1Lindi shuffle 1 (218.32 Ko)
             Flobie Slide   FlobieslideFlobieslide (44.27 Ko)
             Cheyenne   CheyenneCheyenne (76.53 Ko)
             Last night   Last night 1Last night 1 (21.54 Ko)
             99 degrées   99 degrees f debutant99 degrees f debutant (372 Ko)
             Angels and Alcohol   Angels and alcohol frAngels and alcohol fr (623.68 Ko)
            Get Down The Fiddle   Get down the fiddleGet down the fiddle (79.07 Ko)
            Cmr Rah Rumba   CmrrahrumbaCmrrahrumba (13.44 Ko)
            Drunk in Heels   Drunk in heels mosesDrunk in heels moses (80.36 Ko)
            Go Cat Go   GocatgoGocatgo (55.11 Ko)
            drinking with dolly   Drinking with dollyDrinking with dolly (174.31 Ko)
            Hot Tamalés Jr   Hot tamales jrHot tamales jr (38.83 Ko)
            Hookey on country   Hooked on country 1Hooked on country 1 (60.73 Ko)
            Breakfast Beer   Breakfast beerBreakfast beer (258.16 Ko)
           The Galway Gathering   The galway gathering mgThe galway gathering mg (224.78 Ko)
           Sweet- Maureen   Sweet maureenSweet maureen (21.83 Ko)
           A Little Bit   Little bit nldLittle bit nld (29.59 Ko)
          On the waves   On the wavesOn the waves (107.09 Ko)
          An absolute dream   AnabsolutedreamAnabsolutedream (105.66 Ko)
          Run Rudolph   Run rudolph fr mgRun rudolph fr mg (225.58 Ko)
          God Blessed Texas    God blessed texasGod blessed texas (22.42 Ko)




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